Pure Organic Vanilla Extract 50ml Vanuatu Grown

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Pure and natural vanilla extract, made with organic vanilla beans from Vanuatu soaked in alcohol (35%) for 3 years for a strong extraction. No sugar added. Unfiltered – seeds included. 1 teaspoon is all you need to add vanillla flavour to your recipe. Limited stock remaining!

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We searched the Vanuatu Islands by sailboat to find the best vanilla beans for our vanilla extract. Our pure and natural vanilla extract is made from organic vanilla beans grown in Vanuatu and organic alcohol (35%). There is no added sweetener. The beans have been soaking in the alcohol for 3 years and are then blended and rough strained to keep the tiny flavoursome seeds. Please shake before use as the tiny vanilla seeds will have settled to the bottom. 1 teaspoon is all you need to add vanilla flavour to your recipe.

The vanilla has been sourced from a farmer in Vanuatu who uses organic and permaculture growing principles and pollinates every flower by hand. He is an expert in the vanilla curing process and the result is a high quality product with plenty of vanilla aroma.

We buy directly from the grower and have paid a mutually agreed upon price as well as seen his Vanilla plantation. He uses coconut husks as mulch and other nitrogen fixing plants as support structures for the vanilla vines foregoing the need for artificial fertilisers and an array of other tropical fruit trees such as bananas are dotted throughout the plantation giving shade to the delicate vanilla plants.

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1 review for Pure Organic Vanilla Extract 50ml Vanuatu Grown

  1. Andrew

    Wow this is the real deal, not just colouring and flavouring.

    • The Little Shipping Co.

      Of course, we would never sell anything fake or artificial. Only the best quality, pure and natural products.

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