Pumice Soap for Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning


Contains scrubby pumice and lemongrass oil for heavy duty hand cleaning without being drying. Excellent for fishermen, gardeners, tradies, artists and anyone who gets really dirty hands. All natural and made by hand with certified organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, tallow and activated charcoal. No palm oil is used in our soap bars.

So effective at removing grease, dirt, paint and ink due to the pumice, but also removes odours because of the lemongrass essential oil.

We don’t recommend you use it on your body, but it may be useful in smoothing hard skin on your feet.

Made by hand in Australia. 120g bar.

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We hand craft our Heavy Duty Hand Soap with natural ingredients that cleanse dirt, oil, paint, grease and odours. Ideal for gardeners, mechanics, tradies, fishermen, artists and anyone who needs some good scrubbing.

Scrubby Pumice Soap

It contains Coral Sea pumice that has been foraged from east coast beaches of Australia then hand ground into a powder, and lemongrass essential oil for a fresh citrussy scent. This bar is so effective due to the  ground pumice stone which is an excellent exfoliant. We don’t recommend you use it on your body, but it will also be great for removing and smoothing dead hard skin on your feet.

This is like the natural equivalent of ‘Solvol’ that you can get at hardware stores.

No Palm Oil

We don’t use palm oil in our soap due to the devastating effect the palm oil industry is having on rainforest ecosystems in Asia. Instead we use a combination of organic virgin coconut oil for cleansing power, squalane containing extra virgin olive oil a powerful antioxidant,  and vitamin-rich tallow which is similar to our own skin’s protective sebum layer and easily assimilated into our skin.

Natural Scent and Colour

We only use essential oils distilled from fragrant plants to scent our soap. The many healing and therapeutic effects of essential oils have been studied widely. We are against putting anything synthetic on our skin because ultimately it will be absorbed. Lemongrass essential oil is fresh and citrusy and can help to combat unpleasant odours. We only use natural and non-toxic Australian clays and plant extracts and we have used activated charcoal for its toxin drawing properties.

Made by hand in Australia.

120g bar.

Keep dry between uses. We recommend you use a soap rest or soap dish with your cold-process soap to keep the bar dry between uses. It will last 2x as long.

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, purified water, extra virgin olive oil, tallow, sodium hydroxide*, Coral Sea ground pumice, lemongrass essential oil, activated charcoal.

*none remains after saponification.


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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 9 × 2.5 × 6 cm


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