Coconut Oil Lantern


Inspired by the Islands, our Aelan (pronounced ‘island’ without the ‘d’) Lanterns burn coconut oil, a safe and non-toxic alternative to petroleum based lantern fuels. 50+ hours of burn time. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Comes with bonus Coconut Oil Tealight.

Refillable and replacement cotton wick is readily available at hardware and camping stores.

Dimensions: Height 14cm (top of handle 30cm) x Width 9.5cm x Depth 9.5cm


Will only post EMPTY Aelan Lantern ($23) +postage

Pick up only Coconut Oil filled Aelan Lantern $30



The inspiration behind these lanterns comes from the Solomon Islands, where villages rarely have electricity, and battery powered torches and lanterns (mainly kerosene) are the main means of lighting. There is an abundance of coconut plantations, and coconut oil is an ideal fuel for burning.

The Aelan Lanterns are handmade aboard our sailboat, from recycled jars, galvanised wire and cotton wick.

They will burn for 50 hours + with the 600mls of coconut oil included inside your Aelan Lantern (pick-up only). They can be refilled over and over again and extra cotton wick can be easily found at hardware and camping stores. To put lantern out, simply lower wick into the coconut oil.

There is a subtle scent of coconut oil when burning, but if you like you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to add another dimension.


The coconut oil comes from the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu where the coconuts are grown without the use of chemicals, harvested by the local people and then made into oil on commercial machinery. It burns surprisingly well, and can also be used to replace diesel fuel to power generators, machinery and vehicles.

We transported the coconut oil on our sailboat from Vanuatu to Australia.


Aelan Lanterns are very safe and the flame will eventually go out if the wick is not gradually lowered into the oil as the oil level gradually burns down. If the lantern is accidentally knocked over, the flame will immediately be doused out by the coconut oil which is not flammable in itself but only on a wick in the presence of oxygen. We have one on our sailboat, and have crossed oceans without any mishaps!


To ensure your Aelan Lantern continues to burn bright, over time the wick will burn down and it will need to be pulled up through the wick holder.



In colder climates, the coconut oil will solidify and the wick may be difficult to pull out of the solid oil for lighting. Either use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to reach in and pull wick out or melt oil in the sun or a hot water bath.

  1. The Coconut Oil Tealight is the lid assembly of the lantern. To use the Tealight you will need to carefully remove plastic seal and fill with coconut oil to approx 1cm below top of cotton wick. Caution: It can be a little tricky getting the plastic seal off and needs to be wedged off with a strong thin object like a flat head screwdriver or butter knife.
  2. Cotton wick should always be approx. 1 cm above the wick holder.
  3. Top of wick should be approx. 1cm above the oil surface. Any more and the flame will be too large and smokey. If the wick is too small above the oil surface the flame will be small.
  4. As the oil level gradually lowers, the wick holder should be moved down with the oil level. Bend spiralled arms outward against the inside of the jar if the wick holder is not sitting well.
  5. Keep coconut oil topped up to at least a third of the jar full. Do not over fill as the wick holder will have trouble supporting itself. An ideal level is ½ to ¾ full.
  6. To put flame out, simply lower into coconut oil.

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