Cacao & Vanilla Bean COCOSOAP


Cacao and Vanilla Bean Soap Bar 100g,  made from Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Cacao and Vanilla Beans from Vanuatu, does not contain palm oil or artificial preservatives or colouring. Rich and chocolatey.

Soap on a Rope 110g, can be hung dry on it’s soft hemp rope and will never be lost in the shower or sea again! Sailor Soap lathers in seawater.




Our Cacao and Vanilla Bean Soap looks good enough to eat and contains real chocolate (minus the sugar) and Vanilla beans.

It contains no palm oil, only plant based ingredients, no synthetic colour or preservatives, and we have gone to every effort to make this the most sustainable and ethical soap you will ever use!

Our Sailor Soap lathers in hard or saltwater so it is ideal for fishermen, sailors, surfers, and sea gypsies like us.

The Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Cacao and Vanilla Beans contained in this soap were bought direct from various islands of Vanuatu and sailed back to Australia with us on our sailboat.

Soap on a Rope


We have made a Soap on a Rope version, which can be hung to dry with it’s natural soft hemp rope. Never ever drop your soap again or lose it in the surf!

Science has shown the theobromine in cacao to be naturally antibacterial.


Saponified Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil (Sodium cocoate)(Vanuatu), spring water, Cacao Bean Husk extract (Vanuatu), Organic Vanilla Bean extract (Vanuatu), Organic Cacao Powder

Keep soap dry between uses to prolong life.

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Soap Bar 100g, Soap on a Rope 110g


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