• Sail Transport

    Small-Scale Wind Powered Shipping

  • Superfoods from the South Pacific

    Bringing You Exotic and Gourmet Organic Superfoods & Spices from South Pacific Islands

  • Supporting Organic Growers

    We buy direct from growers so they get paid fairly

The Little Shipping Co. Is A Really Small Merchant Sailing Ship

Sailing the South West Pacific Islands on our 39ft New Zealand-built classic sailing yacht in search of the finest organically grown superfoods and spices. We pay fair prices directly to the grower before sailing across oceans to bring the products to you.

Captain's Blog
Black Peppercorns Sailed from Vanuatu

We are excited to announce that we have received a fresh new delivery of Vanuatu grown Whole Black Peppercorns delivered… Read More

Doing Laundry on a Boat the Non-Toxic Way

It's Washing Day. When I'm not too busy and the weather is looking good, I do my laundry. By hand.… Read More

Homemade Almond Milk with Raw Cacao Beans

I make my own almond milk/mylk because then I know what has gone into it and I can omit the… Read More

Who's Steering the Ship?
Seiorse Carthy

Seiorse is a freedom seeker. He loves surfing, travel and permaculture. He is the practical one and has learned to fix and maintain every aspect of our boat.

Kat Gawlik

Kat is the official captain of the ship. She is a keen explorer, permaculturist, foodie, greenie and documentary filmmaker. Her roles on the boat are navigation, communications, cooking and weather. She speaks Bislama, Tok Pisin and Solomon Island Pidjin.