• Handmade Palm-Free Soap

    Made with Luxurious Skin-Loving Oils & Butters, Clays and Aromatic Essential Oils

  • Our Origins

    It all began on a Sailboat in the South Pacific

  • Superfoods from the South Pacific

    Bringing You Exotic and Gourmet Organic Superfoods & Spices from South Pacific Islands

  • Supporting Organic Growers

    We buy direct from growers so they get paid fairly

A really small merchant sailing ship

Ahoy! The Little Shipping Co. was started in 2015 during an offshore adventure through the Pacific on our 39ft sailboat, Acrux. We wanted to support organic growers in remote locations that couldn't easily access markets, so we bought vanilla beans, cacao, kava, and coconut oil and sailed it back with us to Australia. We are still supporting island agriculture when we can even though we don't have any upcoming sailing trips planned. Our soap is handmade from Timor-Leste Virgin Coconut Oil, and we have recently returned from PNG with a limited supply of fresh Vanilla Beans!

Captain's Blog
girl holding lospalos coconut oil
Coconut Oil with a Conscience.

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Shipwreck Tales with John McCrystal

When it's cold, dark and wet outside and we are cosy and warm inside our boat it's a good time… Read More

Black Peppercorns Sailed from Vanuatu

We are excited to announce that we have received a fresh new delivery of Vanuatu grown Whole Black Peppercorns delivered… Read More

Who We Are
Seiorse Carthy

Seiorse is a freedom seeker. He loves surfing, travel and permaculture. He is the practical one and has learned to fix and maintain every aspect of our boat.

Kat Gawlik

Kat is the official captain of the ship. She is a keen explorer, permaculturist, foodie, greenie and documentary filmmaker. Her roles on the boat are navigation, communications, cooking and weather. She speaks Bislama, Tok Pisin and Solomon Island Pidjin.